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Miniature and Toy Poodles
        Burline Poodles 
         Austin, Texas

Come out to the local Dog Shows - See the sights and stop by for a visit!

Welcome to Burline Poodles.  

Burline Poodles is located in Austin, Texas.  We raise and show 
Black Miniature Poodles and White Toy Poodles.  Each breeding 
is done with the goal of breeding the perfect poodle; both in 
conformation and in temperament.  Therefore, the only breeding 
we do is strictly for ourselves and for us to have a poodle in the 
ring.  Our puppies are evaluated for the show ring and after one 
is chosen, the remaining puppies are then sold into pet homes.  
Occasionally we also have adult dogs available.

  Please contact us with your "wants" or if 
  you have questions and want to just talk dogs!

We will have a black miniature litter in late December 2016. 
Mother Nature (and "Ladybug") have a lot of say in when and
how many we will have available.

This is Martha's litter of boys! Photo enhancements by Mary Ann.
Thank you for the words and border.

Martha's Boys!

Please call or email if you might be interested.  Below is a picture
of a little girl we placed around the Canton area.

                  Fancy's baby girl


This is one of our Miniature puppies - "Fancy".
She is teasing the toy babies because she is 
free in the house and they are not!  These toys 
have been placed in homes and "Fancy" is now
a finished CHAMPION so check out her Champion
picture under the miniature champions page!!

Fancy checking out the Toy babies

Our Goal:

To Breed the "Perfect" Poodle!

Please be aware as you view the pictures that if you have a wide 
screen monitor without the proper drivers or video card the pictures 
will appear slightly distorted (skewed) - a little longer bodied and 
shorter legged then they actually are.

Contact Information

For information on puppies, retired girls waiting for homes, our show schedule 
or just to talk about dogs, contact Jessie Burrow at the below numbers or email.

Postal address
Austin, TX
Electronic mail - see contact page for email addresses:
General Information: Jessie Burrow
Webmaster: Diana Burrow

Last modified: November 2016