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                                            Gallery of Photos
                           Retirees and Various Puppies at Play

Jack & Jill Both Champions, Jack and Jill were litter-mates which have been reunited after their show careers were completed.  They were owned and loved by two sisters  sharing a home together.  Jack was placed with Marsha and then a couple of years later, Jill was placed with Karen.
BeBe is Diana's first show toy.  Now a finished AKC Champion and an International Champion - she is still the Freddy-Now living in Austin with his family and 2 other Burline poodles.        
Trudy-This beautiful girl did not like the show world.  She spends her time in Utah with 2 cats and a retired Burline Champion - Venus.   Gidget & her "boys"
Bubba babysitting the mini puppies     BeBe - New Champion!
Flirt & Mindy sitting up together Flirt & Mindy on couch
Roxie & Dancer Puppies at 5 weeks. Bunny & Willie's puppy
Sammy & Porter Puppyy Dixie & Tiffany relaxing with their "Daddy"
Dad & Dixie during puppy match Fancy playing with toys.
Toby Scooter








Last modified: November 2016