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There are three varieties of Poodles.  The Toy, Miniature 
and Standard.  All other terms such as "Tiny Toy", "Teacup" 
or "Royal Standard" are not recognized by either the American 
Kennel Club (AKC) or by the Poodle Club of America.  These 
terms are usually marketing gimmicks along the same vein as 
"Designer Dogs" used to inflate the value of a mixed breed

TOY POODLE:  The toy is the smallest variety and should be 
no larger than 10" high at the shoulder.  These little dogs weigh
from 4 to 7 pounds as adults.  This size is well-suited for 
apartments, traveling companions, and are usually
reserved for adult families only due to their fragile nature.

MINIATURE POODLE:  The 'mini' is the medium sized variety 
of the poodle, ranging from between 10" and 15" high at the 
shoulder.  This variety is a sturdy compromise between the 
Toy and the Standard, suitable both to apartment life as well 
as the hardy lifestyle of a family with children.  This is also 
the favored size for obedience and agility competitions.

STANDARD POODLE:  The Standard is the largest of the three 
varieties with no restriction on size except for being over 15" tall.
Typically Standards will be about 21" to 27" high at the shoulder.
Although  the Standard usually requires more room for exercise 
than the other two varieties, this variety is still a house dog
that just wants to spend their days lounging around with their people.



Last modified: November 2016