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As breeders that show their own puppies, we breed for a
competitive show dog.  We can not keep every puppy
from every litter, so therefore, we try to pick the puppy that in
our opinion is the "best" of the litter.  Even after "our pick" is
chosen, there are still show prospects within the litter - but again,
we can't keep every puppy so hard decisions must be made.
A "show" home, if one is available, will get the next opportunity 
to pick from the litter as our goal is to have the dogs shown
whenever possible.

A pet quality puppy is one which, in our - and only our - opinion
is less likely to succeed in the show ring.  These puppies have
the same breeding background, parental testing,  and health
guarantees as the show puppies.  They may have a slightly softer 
temperament, go over/under sized, or have some other minor fault
which may affect their ability to win in the show ring so are therefore
placed in "pet" homes.  This in no way affects their ability to be a
wonderful companion.

Last modified: November 2016