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[Under Construction]

We have a NEW GRAND CHAMPION - our GCh. Koehl's Justa Scooting
to Burline and a NEW AKC CHAMPION - our Ch. Burline's Just Short of Perfection!

Our Toy Champions (plus a couple of up and coming babies) - again more 
to be added as the pictures get scanned.  As stated before, not all of these
toy poodles are still in our household as some belonged to friends or have
been placed in loving homes, but they still hold special places in
our hearts. 

Picture AKC Registered Name Call Name
Dancer Ch. Hells A Blazen Simply Burline Dancer
Sunny GCh. Burline's Dancing On A Star Sunny
Jewels Ch. Burline's Stop The Music Jewels
Cookie GCH. Burline's Sugar Cookie Cookie
Scooter GCH. Koehl's Justa Scooting To Burline Scooter
Maggie - Major Win CH. Burline's Just Short of Perfection Maggie

Retired Champions

Flirt Koehl's Captivating Flirt Flirt
Bonnie Sue Ch. Mariana's Burline Strut'n Bonnie Sue Bonnie Sue
Ch. Hells A Blazen Ya Gotta Sin To Get Saved Vito
Cassie Ch. Burline's Heavenly Queen Cassie
Juliet Ch. Burline's and Customs Forbidden Love Juliet
Tiffany Crystal Ch. Marianas Tiffany Crystal Doll Tiffany
Dixie during the show! Ch. Marianas Dixieana Dancer Dixie
Precious Ch. Kays Precious Gem Of Burline Precious
Gidget Ch. Kays Gift To Burline Gidget
BeBe Ch. Kays Bossy Burline Belle BeBe
Roxy Ch. Burlines Darlin Roxana of Marianas Roxie
Bo Ch. Cin-Don Burline Li'L Bo Peep Bo
Bubbles Ch. Burline's Custom Tiny Bubbles Bubbles
Bucky Ch. Elk Creek's Burline Buckaroo Bucky



Last modified: November 2016