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We are owner/handlers and breed only a limited amount striving for that 
"perfect" poodle to show in the AKC Conformation rings.

We have a new litter of black miniature boys from our "Dallas".  They were
born September 24, 2017 are are doing great.

Dallas and her pups  

We have bred "Ladybug", a black miniature, and expect delivery of a black
miniature litter around Christmas, 2017. 

These are pictures of our prior babies.  All have been placed at this time.

                 LK side body shot

  Toy puppies available   Fancy's baby girl


In order to keep our dog numbers reasonable, all puppies that are not destined 
for the show ring are available to qualified families.  These puppies are sold
with a limited registration but have the same background, health guarantee,
and testing that our own show prospect has.  They make beautiful companions
for those families wishing to enjoy the energy and play of a puppy in the home.

In addition, after our pick show girl receives her AKC Championship and produces 
2 litters of puppies, she then becomes available to a special home.  These girls 
are about 3 years of age and are crate trained.  They make perfect pets for those
families who do not wish to go through the entire "puppy raising" process.  These
poodles bond extremely well with their new families and they are happy to lay on 
the couch with someone, go for walks through the neighborhood or train in
obedience or agility. 



Last modified: November 2016